Tuesday, October 26, 2010


george osbourne ((fuck the caps)) lives. Gregory Isaacs dies. Hey, nobody ever said this was gonna be easy...

At risk of turning into rent-a-eulogy, I have to give a big tip of the trilby to the Cool Ruler. Before I started to hunt down roots and ragga LPs, I only really knew him from his 1982 hit Night Nurse ((wasn't this track actually used in a late '80s TV advert by the cough medicine manufacturer of the same name? Please, someone, tell me I'm not dreaming it...)), and I didn't really give him much thought. Needless to say, I soon changed tack when I heard Slave Master and caught his turn on the classic flick Rockers...

It was said that Isaacs could park his flash motor outside any venue in JA, knowing that nobody would dare leave so much as a fingerprint on it. I'm just glad, for the car's sake, that he never put this theory to the test in Burnt Oak. There are so many songs you could pluck out of his repertoire to create a makeshift Youtube-on-a-blog headstone, but this is still my personal favourite: the time he teamed up with Ninjaman in 1991, on one of the first ragga LPs I ever bought. Just to recap - Ninja and Gregory Isaacs once shared studio time together. How their egos didn't clash and save the Large Hadron Collider the job remains a mystery. Sorry Youtube sounds like a cellphone, but there y'go...

By the way, I was intending to write something about Halloween. Remember that inconclusive, interactive BTi 'text magic' experiment from a few years back? Well, I was thinking we could do something similarly fun for Halloween this year. Like.. mask up, get some vuvuzelas and rusty scythes, and HACK OSBOURNE'S HEAD OFF HIS SHOULDERS, THE FUCKING WANK.
I remember that advert. It has made that song almost unlistenable for me :(
The text magic is one my favourite BTI posts ^_^ I'm planning to dress like a goth for the first time in 5years then head to a graveyard with some snakebite and absinth.
Even as an unemployed person i agree with the George Osbourne cuts though :s
I went to an anarchist bookfair last week and there were a lot of people complaining about the cuts which seemed totally ironic.

from BBC website about Greek financial crisis-
'For years, Greece has been spending money it doesn't have.
It began to run-up a bigger and bigger deficit (the gap between how much a country brings-in from tax, and what it spends).
After the world economy went bad, Greece suffererd.
Banks started to view it as a country that might not be able to manage its money.
They worried Greece might eventually fail to pay its loans, and even go bankrupt.
To cover the risk, banks started charging Greece more to borrow cash - making the problem even worse.
Eventually the government there went looking for help.
It is now borrowing 110 billion euros (£95bn) from other EU countries and the International Monetary Fund.
That money is being loaned at a much better rate, but comes with tough conditions.
Greece has to promise to cut its budget deficit.
It's those cuts that have led to the riots in Athens.'
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