Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot! Dubversion's knocked out a Billy Childish mix over at his, and you should all head over there and download it. If you've never heard the bloke's stuff before, you're in for a treat, as it's a wicked selection. I hadn't heard Cowboys Are Square or Pokerhuntus... in years, so it was great to have them pop up back-to-back. And I hadn't heard his stuff with Musicians of the British Empire at all before this mix, but I clearly need to get on the case pronto. I don't know what passes for "hip" these days, but it sure as shit ain't as hip as this.

Like the man says, complain about the sound quality and you're missing the point. I never understood the NME hacks who bitched and whinged about the records all sounding similar ((well, listening back to We Hate The Fucking NME, maybe I do)). What's wrong with that, anyway? At least you know you're not going to accidentally pick up that 'difficult' 187th LP where Childish 'started experimenting with trip-hop'. Anyway, if this floats your goat, you might also wanna check out:

Thee Milkshakes, "Still Talkin' Bout..."

Not my favourite of his umpteen backing groups, but this album's pretty solid, featuring the best version of Girl That Radiates That Charm ever (("BET YOU'VE ONLY HEARD THAT VERSION, BULLSHITTER!" - a voice)) and some serious garage sleaze in the form of Medicine Man.

Thee Headcoats, "Conundrum"

WHY is this so under-rated? It's one of the most narky, pissed off records I possess. You can literally see the monitor needles stabbing into the red throughout. 14 songs and 28 minutes of rough 'n' raw, high treble rock&roll with bitter, sarcastic, furious lyrics about childhood abuse, teenage alcoholism, pop whores and botched relationships. Oh, and killing General Custer. Thief is the reason I used to laugh at White Stripes.

Thee Headcoatees, "Here Comes Cessation" / "Bozstik Haze"

If you make it to your deathbed without having heard either of these at full volume, congratulations - you now have "SUCKED" chiselled on your headstone, forever. OFFICIAL.

Thee Headcoats, "Heavens to Murgatroyd..."

I was once in Rock On in Camden (RIP), and a Japanese kid completely spazzed out when he unearthed a vinyl copy of this one. Remembering his electric chair dance still makes me grin. It's weird to think Thee Headcoats recorded an LP on Sub Pop ((though not quite as weird as when Billy Childish did an interview with the Catholic Herald)). Sadly, the LP bombed, or there was some hassle with the label and the band's refusal to tow the party line with music journos...can't remember now. If Pokerhuntus Was Her Name doesn't make you want to sit round a blazing fire, with coyotes howling in the distance...oh, I dunno. Please yourselves.

If anyone's got any recommendations / opinions on the other 389 LPs I haven't heard, feel free to lob 'em into the comments box.
I had a copy of Murgatroyd on vinyl. I didn't like it much (then) and gave it away.

I suck :( :(
Get thee over to Dissensus, I've just started a Billy Childish thread. I'll be dropping some recommendations and maybe even an answer mix to dubversion's in there.
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