Monday, March 22, 2010


Bloody hell - you wait six years for a Billy Childish mix, then two come along at once. Benny's knocked out an answer mix to Dubversion's, which you can filch off Mediafire HERE. Hardly any overlap either, which makes both of these mixes utterly essential. Anyway, here's the track listing:

1. I am Billy Childish
2. Can't judge a book- Thee Headcoats
3. Sit right down and cry - The Milkshakes
4. Give it to me - Thee Mighty Caesars
5. Baby who mutilated everybody's heart - Thee Mighty Caesars
6. Dirty old man - Thee Headcoatees
7. I love that girl Ammonia - Billy Childish
8. I love my woman - Billy Childish and the Blackhands
9. Late at night - The Milkshakes
10. Round every corner - Thee Headcoats
11. Ain't that lovin' you baby - Thee Headcoats
12. Gotta get inside that girl's mind - Thee Headcoats
13. You'll be sorry now - Thee Mighty Caesars
14. I dreamt last night (that I lay dead) - Thee Milkshakes
15. For the deceived - Billy Childish
16. We're gone - Thee Headcoats
17. Melvin - Thee Headcoatees
18. Don't wanna be ruled by women and money no more - Thee Mighty Caesars
19. Cosmetic woman - Billy childish and the natural born lovers
20. Too late - Thee Headcoats
21. Please Don't tell my baby (I saw her last night) - The Milkshakes
22. After midnight - The Milkshakes
23. I feel so bad - Billy Childish & Dan Melchior
24. Lets Stomp (Live in Germany) - The Milkshakes
25. Black Elk Speaks - The Delmonas
26. No mercy - The Buff Medways


I was tempted to have a go myself, but a) I haven't got one of those miraculous wonders of technology that allows you to upload C90 tapes to your laptop, meaning I'd have to send the cassette to John Eden and then wait 4 weeks before he emails to tell me he's accidentally demagnetized it in some TOPY ritual.... b) I don't really have enough Childish-related stuff to make it worth a full mix. BUT, here's some single MP3s below. By the way, if anyone else is thinking of doing a BC mix ((we still have 70-odd LPs' worth of material to cover)), drop us a note and I'll link to it. Damn it, if I can do just one thing right in my life, surely it's bequeath future generations a gateway for Billy Childish Audio Repositories.

(PS- if anyone's got any ethical worries about MP3 sharing, two of these are out of print, and the other two - Headcoatees and A-Lines - need to be purchased anyway, or you're an idiot. Still, if the band members get narked - not just these but with any of the MP3s - I'll wipe 'em off Sendspace with a flick of my musical wrist. Never let it be said I stole bread from another cat's paws)




(OK, this isn't so much Childish, but Kyra was in the Headcoatees and Julie's Billy's squeeze. And it's just great anyway).
there was a decent Wild Billy Childish doc on Radio 4 this morning - it'll be up on iPlayer till March 29th. Very good considering they only had 30 mins
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