Wednesday, August 05, 2009

7" interruption: ADVERTISEMENT - DJ CLASH, 13 AUGUST

God, they won't shut up about this...OK, Londoners: there's a pre-season DJ clash on August 13, featuring WOOFAH ZINE proprietors past and present, John Eden vs Droid. There. I've advertised it.

It's taking place in the 'Big Chill House'. Yeah, I know, I thought Big Chill was a bunch of hippies in a field, listening to Groove Armada, too. But somebody's opened a 'house' for it in London, on the Pentonville Road. What next? How about we stack up some giant Jenga blocks in The Foundry, and call it the 'Stonehenge House'?

Where on the Pentonville Road? For fuck's sake, why do you think they invented Google?

So, who'll win this epic clash? Er...the bar manager, perhaps?

Who knows, there might even be copies of WOOFAH issue 4 on sale - but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Apparently, the boys haven't yet got round to sending each other funeral wreaths with the message "RUBBISH DJ - CAN'T MIX" - does nobody give a damn about tradition anymore?

I'll probably be there, so if you fancy a bit of intelligent conversation, feel free to pop by...

It's free to get in. However, donations to WOOFAH are appreciated - I'll be collecting on the night.

Oh, if I sound jaded, it's cos I was boozing in a Sam Smith pub last night, and feel like somebody's injected six pounds of cotton wool into my eyeballs. Wow, it's just like the old BTI Blog, 'hungover post' days, eh? Except even lamer.

NAME - John Eden
RESIDENCE - North London
MOST LIKELY TO OPEN WITH - something by Jammer
BEST DJ TRIUMPH - beat Paul Meme in 2006 (citation needed)
MOST LIKELY TO END THE NIGHT - having some long-winded conversation about Iain Sinclair being out of touch with Hackney

NAME - Droid
MIXING SKILL - data not in circulation
MOST LIKELY TO OPEN WITH - "Zigzawya", Daddy Tar
BEST DJ TRIUMPH - went on some Irish radio station, or something
MOST LIKELY TO END THE NIGHT - spilling kebab meat all over Kings Cross

Right. I'm off to die, bye.
"I'll be collecting on the night"

Sort of like putting a paedo in charge of a playschool trip to the woods.
Wow - that's a fantastic pic of John, but less so for myself. Though I do often have do deal with buttock groping harridans, I'm actually considerably fatter and have less of a chin that that fellow.
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