Saturday, June 13, 2009


Policing grime events, the main thing you're looking out for is women. You've just sorted some beef and got two sets of lads to calm down, and then some dumb cunt swishes over with her mates, whining about nothing, and sparks it all off again. No, I'm not ashamed to say I've smashed them in the face. These slags know what they're doing. It doesn't take Einstein to suss that they're behind the majority of problems. You've got a load of sweaty blokes thinking with their cocks, and these bitches just amplify everything out of proportion. Drop a group of birds into a club on Friday night and you might as well dish out loaded guns around the bar.

It's important to take out one of the cunts early on. When the lads see we're prepared to punch some bird and split her nose, or kick her up the arse, and they know we don't give a flying fuck, they get the message, sharp-ish. We were all hyper and up for it anyway, and it was better than all the 'war is awful' demos, they'd never hit back at those
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