Thursday, June 18, 2009


Uh...a fellow 'blogger' sent me this, discreetly, by post - you know who you are! I'm actually quite grateful, even though I hardly listen to it - I just love the cover, though! I mean, who wants to look at a pic of some sombre indie dicks sitting on a sofa, when you can do it in style like this bunch? Yep, another freebie I won't be disposing of any time soon. I didn't have a clue who Gadaffi's Warriors were, or even that they existed, until I set eyes on this EP.

You're probably thinking it's some shouty anarcho-punk platter, or demented gabbacore with political lyrics. You'd be about half-right; it's from 1990, and sounds more like minimalist, slightly trippy indie, with some very silly vocals - you'll have to drag me into the outhouse and shoot me like a capitalist pig if I'm wrong on this score, but it comes across like a honky trying to do a Middle Eastern accent. The A-side, Third World, Third Way is arguably the best piece on here, and has some top, right-on lyrics - though Shit House on the flip just seems to be a juvenile dig at the house music scene and meanders along lamely. I couldn't be bothered to take a pic of the back cover, but it's mostly press clippings promoting their gigs - apparently they used to perform a cover of Springsteen's Born in the USA, retitled Bomb the USA. Now, if anyone chances across THIS 45 in a 2nd hand market in NYC...
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