Monday, January 12, 2009


Culled from the almighty DREGS fanzine, the only independent publication where you'd get leading lights in the anarcho-punk /Riot GRRRL scenes confessing their sexual fantasies (including having a 48-hour boner, being trapped in a bin and farted on, being violently fucked in a bathroom during a party while someone's dying for a pee and hammering on the door outside, riding someone on a motorbike, head against the bars, and crashing at 100mph); 4-page reviews of Blood & Honour gigs, written by an obvious outsider fronting (sic) it out with the boneheads; tips on relationships from dominatrixes (or is it dominas?); comprehensive guides on which motorway lay-bys were the best to hitch rides from; reviews from Discharge and L7 through Queen Latifah, Shabba Ranks and London Posse to U2 and Smashing Pumpkins; letters from US prisoners about how they'd been struck off the Sonic Youth mailing list for expressing a desire to sniff Kim Gordon's crusty pants (I'm not making this up); diatribes from Andy Martin (frontman of a series of anti-pop groups such as the Apostles, Academy 23 and, currently, UNIT) about spurned gay love, studying martial arts and how 95% of the population need controlling by a totalitarian government - always got a lively response on the letters page; tips on selling fanzines at gigs, from a plastic carrier bag; weird cartoons and graphics; and the saddest/funniest story ever written about being dumped while listening to Joy Division. Oh yeah, and the "Spot the Grenade" readers 'contest. Duncan, we need you back - start a blog or something - even if it's just about motorways! (thanks for the free t-shirt and badge, BTW) Image ripped off what pitifully few remains I could find on the interweb
Dumped while listening to JD? Anything with such a tacky storyline deserves to be nuked ASAP. Explosives tips a much better bet.
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