Monday, December 08, 2008


What happens to people on Facebook when they die? Who gets to log into their accounts to shut them down? Do friends, employers and relatives have to send an email to Facebook admin, demanding a pixellated switch-off? Do they have to answer security questions? Shovel more ID into the data bank? Or do the profiles just hang around forever? Dagmar is...enjoying the sun in Buenos Aires (3 hours ago). Have you ever sent a virtual birthday pint to a corpse? Who pokes the dead from their eternal slumber?
When I was in Japan last summer, I recall seeing an altar for hungry ghosts, where one laid food and money for those ghosts that no one prayed for. Perhaps Facebook is on its way to becoming such a respite, where the dead get to keep on belonging, poked and prodded and sent little pixelated gifts ad infinitum...
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