Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Like anyone with a brain and a soul, I'm a massive fan of Stevie Wonder. Who isn't? Who can honestly say they haven't danced, cried, laughed and loved to his plethora of hits? I have nothing but admiration for brave Stevie's extraordinary musical journey. Some twisted bigots said he'd never learn to play piano - but he proved them wrong, every contemptable, worthless one of 'em. In 1981, it wasn't the black and white of 2-Tone that brought the kids together; it was the chart smash Ebony and Ivory. He's survived blindness, assassination attempts by Marvin Gaye's father and onstage electrocution. So it's hardly surprising that he's celebrated as the world's best loved songwriter/performer, and one of only a handful of true innovators in an industry plagued by stuffed liggers and butterfly collectors.

Not many people know this, but Stevie was also the first person to start a blog, back in 1980. Using Prestel, Stevie more or less kicked off the whole online scribbling phenomenon with Stevie Wonder's Personal Blog - still going strong to this day, if not until, er, 2038.

The blog is packed with thousands of insightful posts, tackling topics such as fashion, sex and commerce. Without a doubt, though, the most powerful post is THIS one - in which Stevie makes a passionate plea to a bunch of self-absorbed, lazy wastrels who haven't the courtesy to respond to his earlier emails.

I mean, if your Inbox alert sounded and you discovered a brand new missive, with the subject heading "I JUST E-MAILED TO SAY I LOVE YOU", wouldn't you at least fire back a "THANKS STEVIE"? Shame on them. Also check the comment at the bottom - "legal action will be taken by the University"???? Er, legal action against STEVIE WONDER??? Don't think so, you overeducated buffoons!

Legal action against Stevie Wonder - as if!
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