Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sorry, not trying to be wilfully thick here, but there's a few things I just don't comprehend watching a clip from the SWP protest against the bankers from 2 weeks back (below). I mean, is this what it's come to? Responding to bit of shoving from the police with the chant "Shame on you"?? What next, a full-blown riot down Trafalgar Square, echoing to the refrain of stewards roaring "What a palaver"??

Also, check when they start chanting Who let the dogs out? and the bloke in white who lumbers across the screen at 0:54, raising his fist and replying "GEORGE BUSH!" But my favourite bit starts at 2:24. Here's the voice of the workers ((or might be, once they've finished their degrees)), the seething socialist horde, swarming the streets of London, determined to PUNISH the scheming, overstuffed bankers who've unleashed this tide of horror upon us..get rid of the rich and their lackeys, tear the bastards to pieces...but go to 2:24 and LOOK! There's a stream of bankers walking right past them on their way home, right til 2:40! Oh don't worry Michael, they haven't spotted us...they're too busy shouting at people on the bus...

What Ray Winstone's doing on it at 3:12 is beyond me as well.
scary bunch, those SWP types

*shudders* :)
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