Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just to let you know, I've been roped into going to a Glasgow Rangers supporters' pub tonight to see the UEFA Cup Final.

For the benefit of foreigners / people who know nothing about soccer ((by the way, you can tell which people only got into football during Euro '96 because they whinge "NO, ONLY AMERICANS CALL IT 'SOCCER'...IT'S 'FOOTBALL' IF YOU'RE A REAL FAN!" Er, I have a stack of 80s football programmes that prove you wrong, fuck-os...)) , here's the score: Rangers fans are diehard protestants. They love the queen and they hate Irish catholics. I mean, really hate them. Their rivals, Glasgow Celtic, are catholic. I kind of support Celtic, purely because of my parentage and cos I still believe in justice and freedom.

Today, I'm wearing an FC St Pauli T-shirt, a German team who have supporter links with Celtic and who hate rangers as well. So this is a bit like going on a BNP march in a burkha. I'm not sure why I agreed to go, maybe it's a subconscious deathwish. But assuming I don't get my head perforated tonight, I'll be back later this week with the thrilling MAY LISTENING POST!

By the way, rangers are playing ZENIT ST PETERSBURG tonight. Get this - Zenit finished bottom of the league in 1967 and should have been relegated, but, because they're a Leningrad team, and the city was celebrating its 50th year since the revolution, the Communist government decided they could stay up in the league after all! There's red power for ya.
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