Friday, September 21, 2007


Bloody hell - as if THAT wasn't enough, SUTCLIFFE JUGEND and PETER SOTOS are going to be performing the notorious Right to Kill LP by WHITEHOUSE in its entirety, down the Slimelight on 23rd November!

According to the PR blurb: "This incredible live aktion will be the first time that Kevin Tomkins and Peter Sotos, two of the most influential and talked about libertines on the extreme industrial music scene, have shared the stage together in over 20 years...with Whitehouse having now become a byword for 'art wanking' and most Susan Lawly releases as threatening as a trip to McDonalds, it's time for Tomkins and Sotos to dust off those EDP Wasps and remind all filthy female sluts what POWER ELECTRONICS really means! Featuring classics like Cock Dominant, Pro Rapist, Queen Myra and Tit Pulp, this performance will take you right back to the days when male supremacy ruled the roost and the gutters of Bradford swam with oestrogen-polluted blood. Meet the REAL masters of the overviolence on November 23rd, and rediscover your most basic, primal right....the RIGHT TO KILL!"

Allah fucking a pig, who writes this stuff? Apparently there'll also be competitions and prizes if you get there early on.

Predictably, William Bennett's consulting a lawyer.
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