Monday, September 17, 2007


People, tell me something. Why, whenever retro TV documentaries show footage from the Brixton riots...why do they always use Ghost Town by the Specials as background music? Er, I might have only been 5 at the time but I don't remember Brixton looking anything like a ghost town back then - unless your definition of 'ghost town' happens to be area filled by hundreds of people, running around the streets, looting shops and throwing DIY petrol bombs and bits of Ford Cortina at lines of police. I suggest you lazy BBC researchers go for a tune that actually fits the images - Stand and Deliver by Adam & The Ants, for instance, or even - hey, this one's pretty radical - Di Great Insurrection by Linton Kwesi Johnson, which eerily happens to be about...the 1981 Brixton riots. Savvy? Just spare us Terry Hall moaning about how you can't get a fucking kebab at 9pm.
The reason they use "Ghost Town" is because thats about all they know and they're lazy and under a deadline.

I didn't know it was about Kebabs though, but now that makes sense.
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