Thursday, August 16, 2007


1) Find a major branch of your bank - one located in one of the main city / business areas is best. Wave around a credit card statement and start complaining to the staff about inaccurate entries.

2) When the bank staff explain that they can't help and that you'll have to contact the credit card company directly, say "I have done -about 5 times. From now on I'm going to bill you for every minute I'm put on hold. I don't see why you can't call them for me now and resolve this."

3) The staff will tell you to go into one of the private side rooms and use the phone inside to sort it out yourself. Hey presto - free phoneline. Call who you like, the bank's picking up the tab.

Top tip - do hold and look at your statement while talking - if they see you with your feet on the desk, laughing down the line, they'll get suspicious.
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