Monday, August 06, 2007


THE VERY NAME BTI: The term 'Beyond the Implode' was originally coined by "Doctor" Kenneth Nganga in 1975. He was a philosopher or, as I prefer to say, a 'thinker' from Camberwell. He was also a bogus scientist. 'Beyond the implode' was something to do with a study of quaquaversal light shards following the implosion of a star, but I've never read the full 1,987-page typewritten document he produced on this matter, so I can't elaborate too much - sorry.

In 1983, Nganga claimed to have discovered a cure for AIDS and was contacting various international governments, the Vatican, the World Health Organization etc, demanding $1 million in return for the antidote. As a result of this obsessive mail campaign, he was sectioned.

Apparently, the police removed several dozen stacks of typewritten 'confidential reports' and a shedload of tape recordings from his flat - many of these were never retrieved. Due to the former Conservative Government's 'Care In the Community' policy, Nganga was 'let out' on day release one sunny Tuesday morning in 1994 and never came back - current whereabouts unknown.

'Beyond the Implode' was then used as a band name by a Mersey post-punk group for a couple of releases in 1979 and 1981. After lying dormant for a couple of decades, Jesus told me to steal and use the name in 2004, and the rest is mystery.
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