Wednesday, February 14, 2007


DID YOU KNOW - on Valentine's Day, 'waiter-wanking-in-your-lamb-madras' frequency increases by over 30% in UK Indian restaurants? It's true!
Hello, dear Martin!
I am photo editor of a magazine called "Bolshoi Gorod" ("Big City", Moscow, Russia, our website is
As we are working on an article dedicated to some interesting blogs, we've already made a screenshot of your page and else we do need a picture of you - could you please send one to my e-mail ASAP?
Thaaaanks =)
Go for it Martin! What a great way to build bridges with your large and ever-increasing Russian readership!
Dear Margarita,

I don''t think I have any pics here - if I'm allowed to wear a gasmask in the picture, I'll take a pic tonight and send it to you.

Incidentally, if anybody would like to read this blog in Russian, paste the following link into your bar:

A great improvement on the original, I feel, and also a handy way of looking up Russian swear words
The Japanese version kills
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What if I had the Chicken Madras, am I safe?

Stumbled on your site when I searched for 'estate agents are cunts' in google and hey presto...

Great rant on the Catholics and Prod murals, I am from NI and bust a gut...

Also good to see that someone else had teenage kicks over the Caramel Bunny, teasing bitch that she was...

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