Thursday, November 09, 2006


I know I'm always hating on white reggae, but I'm willing to have a puff on the peace pipe if we're talking INDESCRIBABLY BADLY PLAYED white reggae.

Just check this out - Terry and the Idiots, probably the most notorious UK punk band ever, performing a deliciously atrocious version of "Anarchy In the UK", trying to goad a pub full of apathetic and hostile straights, then launching into a 'reggae' track so 'cod' Britain and Iceland once went to war over it, before one of the audience naffs upstages our DIY hero.

As far as I know, nobody's ever discovered Terry's whereabouts - he really is punk's lost son. Other parts of the film featured him walking around council estates, getting drunk and bemoaning his lack of mates or sitting around slagging off the fact that 1970s television closes down at midnight.

Apparently the Golden Shoe pub is still around, located on Meeson Street in Hackney. I'll be along there one night soon to pay my respects (incidentally, there's a pub in Stamford Hill called 'The Birdcage' which I'm pretty sure is the same place that Tony and his mates go to in the 1975 Horace Ove' flick "Pressure" - though, seeing as he was living in West London, this might have been a bit of a trek). Anyway, fuck all those boring "Bloodstains" compilations - you want obscure raw punk? Here's the gospel, brothers and sisters. Even the New York No-Wavers never got this shredded.
It's better than that Conflict reggae one, isn't it?
for really bad white boy "reggae" you can't go past Jason B...
Oh God - that Conflict song was beyond awful. A bassline as powerful as an elastic band. The most hateful white reggae thing I've heard was actually a record by Culture Shock, which sounded like Ben Elton ranting over a bloodless Bad Manners (actually, that's a severe fucking insult to Buster's crew, at least "Lip Up Fatty" and "Lorraine" had some skankability). More like Culture Club on speed.

Christo, I couldn't even get past the flapping dove graphic and the 'recorded in a Caribbean hideaway' blurb before I felt the urge to vomit blood.
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