Friday, September 08, 2006


Well, the Porn Symposium is really hotting up! Initially kick-started by Naughty Nina, 22, of Infinite Thought, the event has progressed from light petting to more intimate groping, with Doppelganger now joining in too. The barometer for this steamy symposium now reads at XXX degrees Celsius - and it's only just begun!

None of that right now, though. Some announcements. Dubversion has "returned to the blogging fray", as our more eminent online scribblers would put it. He now has a blog called All the pretty horses can go fuck themselves and death can piss up a rope too , which has just been added to the links bar. Young man Owen has also been reinstated, as I understand that the rash of Measures Taken / IT / K-Punk contributions to Socialist Worker were conceived and submitted as part of a three-way bet.

You know, it's funny, the seas freeze over, once mighty civilisations crumble to dust, the tadpole evolves into the man and beyond - and yet, even if I lived to be 89 billion years old, I'd still never run out of amusing anecdotes about the SWP. I'll never forget the Criminal Justice Act riot in Hyde Park in 1994, when the SWP stewards accidentally found themselves in a bottleneck with some gay rights marchers who were all dressed up as nuns - you've never seen so many embarrassed student militants trying to pull away in different directions, while the stewards started shouting at them like they were errant runts on a school trip to the Natural History Museum. Funnier still was the fact that the SWP got hoodwinked into coaching down a few ravers who promptly jumped on the tube and went shopping instead! Admittedly though they did boast a bigger turnout than the trio of saddos who turned up to represent the Lib Dems - their banner was bigger than the three of them put together.

Sorry for not linking any new people for ages, but it takes me ages to do them, especially when I'm 'working'. You have to open up blogs, copy the URL, then go back into this blog, go into template, copy one of the existing links so you can paste the full line below the rest to make a new one, then realise you've just 'copied' over your original copied you have to go back to the URL, and then start over....

Still, it's not like a massive volume of user traffic comes through here anyway. Or at least it didn't til I started symposiuming around. Incidentally, is there any music more profoundly melancholic than the muzak they used to accompany 70s porn? It's like a sucidal Burt Bacharach conducting a lounge jazz band on mogs.
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