Wednesday, April 26, 2006


1) A 1980 BBC science and technology programme, with crap, stark, ZX-Spectrum-generated vectors cutting across the screen, before the camera zooms in on a bearded man, mumbling 'good evening', in a harshly-lit laboratory

2) A mid-80s NHS public information video, entitled Coping with Bereavement

3) A documentary about a teenage gluesniffing couple, both boy and girl struggling to make their relationship work while battling their Evostik habits - the tune resurfaces at the end when the camera focuses on them, zonked out in death poses, on a pair of swings down the park in the middle of a light rain shower

4) A low-budget, 3-hour long Hungarian Star Wars ripoff B-movie from 1979, featuring a terrifying Stalinist figure (in a black motorcycle helmet) who comes from a distant planet, who intends to turn Earth into a gulag....but comes unstuck when the Virgin Mary mysteriously appears to some youngsters at a scrapyard, and inspires the formation of Earth Defence 1 : Squadron Christus - leading to one almighty brawl in space.

5) A Panorama special report, exposing the 'sinister' secret links between CND and prominent Iranian businessmen
Hungarian Star Wars. That song is never going to quite sound the same to me ever again.
midnight request can also be used in slightly potty Phyllis Nelson remixes
that's move_adjunkt.mp3 on the end there.
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