Friday, February 17, 2006


Normally, I wouldn't recommend looking at, let alone linking to, a forum dedicated to a band - they're usually riddled with sycophants, and very, very boring. But I'll make a one-off exception for the forum hosted by the musically dire UK DECAY, probably Luton's most famous musical sons (even 'Rodney' wore one of their T-shirts in an early "Only Fools and Horses" episode). The link below'll take you to straight to a thread of old Luton punk venues, but if anybody's remotely interested in the layout of the town, or wants to see some of the (daylit) places we used to drive around at night (see Joy Division post, somewhere in December Archive), a few of these photos capture the atmosphere - all these years on and the place really hasn't changed

I was particulary surprised to find out that the old nissan hut, a monstrous shell in Marsh Farm, hosted a Crass gig in 1979. Funnily enough, I used to wonder what'd it be like if some mutoid industrial group played there, unaware that they probably did. Actually, most of the blarney on the forum seems to be about Luton, but I haven't waded through it (yet).

I think the Antisocial Workers (wasn't there some link to Blaggers ITA?) came from Luton too, but I know as much about Lutonian punk as I do about taxidermy, so I'll quit there.


Bye bye.
yeah the Antisocial Workers were produced by the Mad Professor at one stage. I am almost certain that at least one of them went on to be a member of the Blaggers also.

Have you read this:
ooops - try this direct link instead.
The stuff about Exodus is OK, but a bit uncritical, it wasn't all free spirits uniting the community through rave, there were some dodgy bits going on there too, but I think they're extinct now?
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