Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Now, there's a school of thought that David Irving shouldn't be pooing in a bucket and watching Austrian daytime TV in clink, because a) it'll turn him into a martyr of the far right b) it contravenes the basic right to free speech, and we should merely ridicule and expose him, lest we too have our freedom of expression curbed by the state.

My answers to these 2 points are a) who fucking cares who the far right adopt as a 'martyr'? They adopted Ian Stuart, and oh wow, what? Do the International Jewry now toss and turn in their beds knowing that Combat 18 believe that the wag behind such thoughtful nationalist polemic as What a laugh we had on Friday night / And the bird you went with, what a sight / And you made excuses for her face was actually murdered by Mossad, instead of tipping the van over with his fat arse? b) my personal school of thought is that "life sucks, get a crash helmet", which means I don't believe we'll ever attain some static, universal standard of justice where all are treated equally. So, never mind all that "well, we won't be allowed to say this next..." jive, just think, he's a prat, and he's been banged up just a month short of his 68th birthday and cheer yourself up. Small pleasures, grab em where you can.
why am I all about the wee?
erm, I mean, with reference to yr allnew (TM) sidebar. Hmmm. get thee to an analyst, BTI...IT, Blathering.

Re: irving - think he got arrested cos no one likes arrogant posh english blokes. Plus he was obviously an ejit.
If anyone wants to moan about their prostitute phone box cards, send an email with the subject 'UNHAPPY' to
re: theory is that everyone should have an equal chance of going to prison, not just these nutcase racist types - there should be some kinda Borges-like lottery, where you can be just plucked from your home and either 1) given 100 million pounds to waste or 2) sent to prison for three years or 3) taken to the Dr Who exhibition, Cardiff - check out that tiny little emperor dalek!

life needs a little spice.

ps i'm not at all happy about my new sidebar link if i wasn't so utterly full of egotistical joy at having a place on there in the first place i'd be quite cross... as it is I'm distinctly ruffled... how come psychbloke gets what is clearly mine?
you do know he's a tiny little hairy dwarf?

oh, you did.
The problem with prison is that I don't see it as a truly challenging and innovative arena for debate. Had Irving been sent to, say, 'Question Time', he would have been able to expound his theories in the company of young students. I fail to see how placing him in an Austrian prison will lead to an interactive 'Q&A' session. How can we jail the man when nobody's actually read his book? The whole incident reeks of 'Satanic Verses' to me. I tried to purchase a selection of Salman Rushdie and David Irving publications from a local bookstore, but I was informed that none were in stock.
"Emperor Dalek": don't even get me started...if ever there was a Holocaust Deny-er...(I hesitate to say 'denier' as it's a unit of yarn measurement... )

However, I do like the idea of sentencing Fascist arseholes to appear on "Question Time"...

And which one was 'Little Spice'...I thought there was only five of them...
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