Thursday, December 08, 2005


Hegel, if we are to give the dead old codger credit, once claimed that "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce". Samuel Johnson once observed that "A man who tires of London should fuck off back to the home counties and surrender his 250,000 quid 2-bed flat to appreciative proles of refined taste, or face an almighty fucking horsewhipping, the likes of which haven't been witnessed since Boadicea flayed the zitty backsides off 50 Roman centurions at Aldgate, while high on mead and copper fumes". ME? Well, I've already torpedoed one blog during a nihilist seizure, and watched a second destroyed by the nefarious creeps behind Casino Web. I wouldn't mind, but the lazy bastards have only done two posts in a month! And what a readership to target! Thai ladyboys, pirate goths, teenage perverts, Sutcliffe Jugend fans, biscuit lickers, swains, bopping Bengalis, tripwire affecionados (SP?) and dodgy old blokes who used to knock around with Aleister Crowley in Hastings, sending lost holidaymakers down lanes into marshy bogland, thus immobilising their cars and bicycles --- and all for a malevolent cackle on the chops of the Goat of Mendes!

Enough - the true RollerDisco Queen doesn't plummet to the dancefloor, sobbing, when she drops her flag. NO! SHe just carries on scooting around in circles, head held high, til Marsha Raven's Catch Me draws to a fadeout - then simply picks it up in time for Riccardo Cioni's In America. And so, here it is, again, the second repeat, the third coming in 18 months, it's...

Fuck it, do you want a gambling PhD? Would be far less hassle

(COMING SOON - some cheap and nasty ranting shit and all the old BTIRiP archives, except the really crap ones)
twas Marx, not Hegel.
Ah-haa! We salute you, dear sir!
Oh...well, that's what it said in this ASDA Xmas cracker. I wish these philosophers had bothered to take a razor to their faces, then I might have been able to tell them apart. As much as I dislike Sartre, at least he discovered Bics.
Hegel didn't have a beard, man.
See what I mean? He's bloody lucky someone didn't mix him up with Heidegger
yeah right, or Sartre - which was of course what Sartre was going for
marx said that hegel said it tho. is the first line of '18 brumaire of louis bonaparte'. so THERE
Hegel: they're doing a special pre-Xmas 2-for-1 philosophers deal at Asda this week.
YES!!! See, I've never really got past page 1 of a philosophy text (maybe page 4 of 'Birth of Tragedy' - surely someone's appropriated this for a dissertation on dance music?), but I do remember the little bits I have read. Thanks Owen - now I won't kill myself...TODAY
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