Friday, December 16, 2005


Right, forget Latvian skinheads, the Baader-Meinhof crew, pirate goths, zombie Chavs, zombie Hell's Angels, Muslim suicide bombers and borstal girls called Bunny. Is this not proof that the scariest youth subculture ever spawned was Millwall's 'Treatment' firm?

I mean, you've got UK football hooligans running riot in the 70s, mostly decked out in tanktops, flares, hobnail boots, bobble hats and shades so big they even blocked out their sideburns. How do you up the ante?

How about - slam on some surgical caps and facemasks and tool up with sharpened scalpels, thus ruthlessly psychologically exploiting the average punter's fear of hospitals and surgery - oh, and go completely and utterly fucking mental. The INLA kids sporting tea-cosy balaclavas with scissored out eyeholes, and Armalites tucked inside their 'Grim Reaper'-style long-hooded anoraks were the only ones who came close.

CONCLUSION - Yes, the high street clothing chains have sold us back a diluted version of 'youth rebellion'.

(DISCLAIMER - Ultraviolence isn't as much fun as Space Disco) (most of the time)
..."Space disco"???
"Ra, Ra, Rasputin"...
Nah, X, you know....Space Disco = Gil Gerard et al. getting down w/ his/their bad-selves in off-world analogues of Annabelles and Tramp.
'Nightflight to Venus' is a bonafide disco classic. OK, so you have to put up with the cringeworthy 'Brown Girl in the Ring', and God knows why Boney M thought the world needed an accapella (sp?) version of Neil Young's 'Heart of Gold'. But the rest of the album is class - mark my words, detractors hiding behind their Italo-Disco obscurities will be pretending they always liked this LP in six months' time! And I always liked the fact that the huge bloke in the band didn't actually sing (he just mimed to the honky producer's vocals) - but he looked great in that bakofoil space jumpsuit.

Other space disco classics - "Magic Fly" by Space and the almighty "Spacer Woman" by Charlie. Possibly also "Everybody go to the Space Base" by Slick but I haven't heard it yet.
The Slick tune is great. More space disco bizness here:
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