Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I'm sick of people walking around in these bright red BRIGADE ROSSE stencil T-shirts with the little RAF gun in the middle. What in Meinhof's name....? They're two completely separate entities! It's like wearing a Sampdoria shirt with a Bayern Munich badge. Or a Basement Jaxx T-shirt with the Einsturzende Neubaten logo in the centre. Sort it out! We know you've only ever fired an air rifle at some pigeons.
I reckon Paul Meme would be really excited about wearing a Bassment Jaxx t-shirt with the E.N. squid on it!

I always thought it was a shame that the Angry Brigade never had a logo.
They did, it was the gun with the male and female symbols sticking out of it, and the little hands squeezing it at the bottom. But nobody could draw it properly on a wall, so it kind of sunk into the bogs of oblivion
hi Martin,
I'm interested in the history of the Brigatte Rossi, I got excited at a gig once where there was this older guy with one of those shirt on. I rounded on him with a barrage of enthusiastic questions (I don't get out much), and he said that he remembered seeing Joe Strummer wear one, so he'd looked on Ebay to find one. Disappointing to be sure. But it made me wonder if the Strummer in the dumb shirt thing was corroboratable, and if so, when it was (wearing one now for kitsch is a different crime than wearing one when they were still around).
Best regards,
Didn't Joe Strummer think it was a brand of martini? There's not much info on the web, but this site is OK.
Ok well, maybe the AB should have a logo which wasn't:

a) A bit gay
b) difficult to stencil

Nate - Strummer is wearing that t-shirt in the film Rude Boy, there's a scene where he's washing it in a hotel bathroom and the main protagonist in the film asks him about it and they have a row.
A bit "gay"?? Clearly this juvenile weblog's completely devoid of moral and political rigour. Our gay and lesbian cousins have a vital role to play in the building of a cohesive working class opposition to the fat cats responsible for the gentrification of our areas and the rape of the Iraqi people for oil. Editor, delete these haemophobic comments or I will be notifying Blogger about objectionable content.
Miriam Smee, you are the type of American liberal i hate, you make everyone else hate our party with your incessant whining. you are ruining the political system by saying some dumbass kid saying the word "gay" is somehow related to Iraqi women getting raped, if your going to bring that up why dont you tell us what you are doing to stop this tragedy? cause bitching at little kids over the internet sure isnt doing a hell of a lot.
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