Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Best film you'll watch all day, EASILY

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Fucking hell - kicking off in London on Wednesday evening, or what? Out of shape cops - all red jowls, grey hair, yellow flak waistcoats - tried to hold the tube station, as the SEETHING MASS, pint glasses and street debris in hand, roared proletarian battle hymns and pelted passing traffic. "ING-ER-LUUN, ING-ER-LUUN, ING-ER-LUUN," they chanted, beer cans arcing through the spring twilight and clattering against yet another minibusload of Ukraine supporters. "OO ARE YA....OO ARE YA," they demanded, cheering as one can clipped a member of the Met. Of course, the Old Bill, having deployed the bulk of their numbers in the City, found themselves more than slightly outgunned on the Euston Road. But that wouldn't exactly install confidence on the first morning of the G20 summit, would it?

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